The Story

Private James Conroy is unable to commit to his girlfriend or his military career, when a mysterious apocalyptic event wipes away everyone and everything.
Fighting off mutant creatures, and his own inner demons, he is all consumed by his fight for survival.
When he finally contacts Garry Freeman, who is stuck in a space station, they have to learn to work together if they’re going to save themselves, and maybe all of civilization.


Warren Otteraa as Private James Conroy
Warren Otteraa as Private James Conroy
Private James Conroy
After an apocalypse of unknown origin, Private James Conroy is living in an abandoned shack at the base of a radio tower, trying to scavenge food and evade the mutant creatures that stalk this new environment.
Beyond the starvation and creatures, he fights the isolation by clinging to fragments of his former life, but his grip on reality is slipping. During his daily patrols through the wilderness he discovers a satellite phone, and manages to charge the battery.
Then everything changes..

Garry Freeman
Garry is an Instruments Technician who works on high orbit satellites. A bit of a stick-in-the-mud; Garry wanted to get as far away from everyone as he could, and ended up in space. A victim of the same apocalypse that has isolated James, Garry finds himself stuck in an old Space Station that barely works, desperately scanning all frequencies for any signs of life.
Garry is about to give up all hope of ever finding anyone when he hears a strange confession over the radio..

David Leeming as Garry Freeman

Alana Tranter as Elizabeth Harding
Elizabeth Harding
A beautiful Astrophysics graduate with a mysterious past, she falls in love with Dr Edward Fischer after he takes her under his wing. She becomes his protege but everything unravels when Fischer get’s close to seeing his vision realised.
Current whereabouts unknown..

Dr Edward Fischer
Dr Edward Fischer created the program and heads the board for the LONE WOLVES program. While he used to have quite a high profile as a scientist he has not published in the last few years and has become reclusive, living in a small compound in the hills to the West of Stella_One.

Dan Purdey as Dr Edward Fischer

The Film

LONE WOLVES is an Indie Sci-Fi Action film set in the near future outside the fictional city of Stella_One. The film follows in the footsteps of movies like Dog Soldiers, Following, El Mariachi, Monsters and the French New Wave, utilizing a small cast and crew to create a unique and exciting cinema experience. Working every weekend and most weeknights, the film has been coming together for the last few years. We’re very excited that our project will soon be ready for release.
With time and money being severely limited (the film is 99% self funded) a documentary style of shooting was adopted with the director Christopher Jacobs doing almost all of the camera operating himself in a smooth handheld style.
Christopher also realised that no one would buy into the film if the space station wasn’t believable so the set for this was built inside the directors garden shed, at the back of the house he was renting.

  • Reggie the Monster
  • Control Panel
  • Elizabeth Green Screen
  • Elizabeth and Dr Fischer
  • Bean with Assault Rifle
  • Shooting a Scene
  • The Space Suit
  • Shooting a Scene 2

LONE WOLVES is a journey into an unknown place, an exploration of isolation, of what happens when we’re cut off from the anchors of our lives. It also asks what we do next, when everything is gone. How do we find our way back from the darkness?
This is the story of a man who finds himself abandoned and alone, who has to learn to fight for his own humanity, and re-learn what it is to value others, and ultimately find his way home.
It’s also a musing on how we deal with the chaos that we create, how we try to pull back from the metaphorical cliff’s edge that we now teeter on due to our continual courting of global disasters such as climate change, over population, destruction of wilderness etc.

LONE WOLVES is great example of ‘remix cultre’ being a mash-up of of PC Games, Sci-Fi genre and human melodrama.

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It’s not the apocalypse.
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